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During your initial consultation our expert staff will evaluate and recommend the most suitable technology platform for your project, whether that’s:

  • PCR
  • Next generation sequencing (Ion Torrent and Illumina)
  • Microarrays [see microarray services page]
  • All assays can be carried out using standard or low input amplification kits which allow the use of small RNA inputs.

These technologies are suitable for analysing gene expression in any number from one up to whole transcriptome analysis and for a wide range of sample numbers (1-100,000+). Several of our technology platforms are suitable for use with low yield and/or fragmented materials material.

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Gene expression

  • Gene expression is the highly regulated process where the information stored in DNA is used to synthesize and convert the set of instructions into a functional product e.g. a protein.

MiRNA (MicroRNA)

  • MiRNA are naturally occurring molecules found in cells and the bloodstream.
  • miRNA controls and regulates gene expression (post-transcription), this is done by up or down-regulating gene expression.