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We can carry out epigenetic analysis using several platforms.

These technologies are suitable for analysing methylation changes in a wide range of sample numbers (1-100,000+) and for target numbers from 1-850,000.

Yourgene Genomic Services - Methylation Services Illumina NextSeq 550Dx instrument with lab technicians


Yourgene Genomic Servcies - Methylation Services ION Chef and Proton instruments


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  • Methylation is a mechanism of epigenetics where methyl groups are added to DNA molecules. This process of methylation causes inheritable changes to the DNA segment without changing the DNA sequence itself.
  • Methylation plays a vital role in optimising the function of many processes within the body including:
    • DNA repair
    • Hormone regulation
    • Immune system health
    • Energy production
    • Strengthening the nervous system
    • Wellness
    • Protecting against cancer